Effet Bekkrell


#1 – What if… we took a step back into the past

At the beginning there was their encounter, in 2009, at the CNAC (National Center of Circus Arts, France). Dazzling and exhilarating. This encounter generated a small tentacular production of 20 minutes very much to the taste of our compeers and which propelled them 4 years later into the wonderful meanderings of collective creation. And so here we are. Effet Bekkrell (Bekkrell Effect) sees the day.
It is about,
On the subsurface a strange fascination for radioactivity or what causes instability in matter and in relationships.
On the surface, cables, strings, ropes, a board, four women and a lot of smoke,
Delving deeply, they make serious yet whimsical encounters. After numerous attempts, they take a stance for perpetually changing lifestyles, precarious but precious.
And they slide from steady to unsteady states, from clashes to negotiations, from utopias to disillusions…
During 1 hr…

#2 – What if… a kid told about it

At the beginning, it is bare. The stage.
Then the girls arrive. Four of them. They come up with things. They build. They confront each other. In fact, they play. And then they demolish. Because it is perhaps better in the end, done differently. And then there is the playground with all the little lights around it and the man running all over the place. And sometimes the tight wire or the teeterboard or the pole or the rope or all of them together start talking. Or singing. And then there is the theatrical dimension making an appearance and a wink. And then all this starts again. And they jump around and break everything. At the end they try to escape from the top.

#3 – What if… Effet bekkrell got into the dictionary

Effet Bekkrell (feminine noun, “effet”: from latin effectus, derivative of effectum, substantive of efficere, effectuer, from ex, and facere, faire (to do) – bekkrell: spelling distortion of Becquerel, first name Henri.
What happens when explosive rush onto the stage and knock out the elements at stake.

#5 – What if… we used grand words

This has something to do within the range of experience.
Testing the material and individuals available in that space.
Entangling the standard patterns and stereotypes in order to extricate oneself by making fun of it, a way to cheat death…
The unavoidable end of everything regarded as the constantly renewed promise of possible new beginnings.

#6 – What if… the press became inflammatory

Sarah, Océane and the two Fannys, alias groupe Bekkrell, present a multi-faceted and hybrid first production where the handling of the devices intermingles with chaotic relationships, where speech tries to invite itself into the circus, where the ludicrous combines with poetry. Neither a theatrical nor a circus performance, the show puts aside the rules to invent a unique script. Situations and speech are stretched to breaking point, and with brio fulfill the eccentric gamble of combining the script with the physical mechanisms of natural radioactivity. Surfing between stability and unsteadiness, among themselves and in the unusual structure they create by assembling all their contraptions together.
The audience is embarked on this dance of instability. Things fall about, deconstructions occur, chaos sets in and yet something close to balance unfurls, a delirious radioactive contamination.

One can say…
It rocks
It’s wicked
It sends everything flying
It shakes you up
It pushes you down
It swings
It turns upside down
It’s a knockout





A production by the Groupe Bekkrell (The Bekkrell group) by and with:

Fanny Alvarez (remplaced by Chloé Derrouaz)

Sarah Cosset

Océane Pelpel (remplaced by Louisa Wruck)

Fanny Sintès

Sound design

Thomas Laigle

Lighting design

Clément Bonnin

Circus apparatus layout

Florent Pasdelou

Production managers

Julien Lefeuvre

Costume design

Lorenzo Albani

Outside eye and direction advisor

Pierre Meunier

Backup in the artistic process and executive production

Anna Tauber

Friendly advice and philosopher

Marie-José Mondzain

Touring management

Elsa Lemoine / L’Avant Courrier


Acknowledgements to our artistic and technical collaborators: Arnaud Thomas, Jean-Michel Guy, Hervé Grizard, Goni Shiffron and Etienne Klein


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With the financial support of Champagne-Ardenne


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Et un grand merci à

Fanny Austry, Mathieu Bleton, Emmanuelle Bouyer, Alice Carré, Sebastien Davis Van Gelder, Mathilde Delahaye, Marion et Pierre de la Drouille, Matthieu Gary, Jean Michel Guy, Hervé Grizard, Etienne Klein, Bruno Krief, Jean François Marguerin, Massao Mascaro, Karim Messaoudi, Monic Ta mère, Christine Morquin, Régis Pailhé et Lenore Salmon, Patrice, Nicolas Picot, Stéphane Ricordel et Laurence de Magalhaes, Martha Rodezno, Famille Sintès, Arnaud Thomas, Sylvia Vadimova, Vincent Van Tilbeurgh, Gilbert Viola, Lawrence Williams, Alice Zeniter, Luca Wyss, La Métive, le Collectif de la Bascule et la Meute, Théâtre National de Strasbourg,

And to all our donator who gave us the first help needed via the crowdfunding platformproarti : Vasil et Marion, Julie Alvarez, Fanny Austry, Louise Bellanger, Aurelien Bory, Julien Cramillet, Bérengère de Brye, Mathilde Delahaye, Murielle D’Emilia, Nejma Hassani, Marion Hergas, Nathan Israel, Marieva Jaime-Cortez, Inês Lobo, Emmanuelle Lyon, Virginie Mayolle, Christophe Monier, Christine Morquin, Nils Ohlund, Romain Ozanne, Laurent Pelpel, Ariane Prunet, Lydia Rocherolle, Pierre Roullier, Lenore Salmon, Martin Tauber, Maithé Tauber, Mélanie Tauber, Marie Tauber, Fanny Thibert, Marie Tretiakow



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